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  • 1. What do you accept?
    We accept men's, women's and children's clothes. We also accept shoes, jewelry, purses and accessories, house wares, small furniture, kitchen appliances, toys, and baby items. If you are unsure if something qualfies to consign, please give us a call.
  • 2. Are you accepting new consignors?
    Depending on the season and the amount of items coming in, we sometimes put a hold on new consignors. Please call us to find out the status of new consignors.
  • 3. How do I consign?
    In a snapshot, we take 2 plastic bins with lids of items per season, by appointment. We ask that you come by our store and see what things we have to offer so you have an idea of what things to consign. It will also give you the opportunity for us to go over the guidelines and contract, discussing in detail the consignment process.
  • 4. How many things do I need to be a consignor?
    We ask that every consignor has a minimum amount of 10-15 items to open a consignment account.
  • 5. Do I need an appointment to consign?
    Yes, we require appointments from our consignors. We do make exceptions to drop off limited amounts of toys, small furniture and baby items.
  • 6. Do I wait for my items to be sorted at my appointment?
    No, you drop off your items on the day of your appointment. At a later time we will sort through your items, add them to your account and display them for sale. We will call you to pick up your bins when we are done sorting your items.
  • 7. What's the consignment split?
    For most items we do a 60 day term with a 50/50 split. For certain items we will offer a 60/40 split with a 90 day term.
  • 8. How long do I have to sell my items?
    Your items will be displayed in the store for 60 days, but some items may be extended to 90 days.
  • 9. How do I get paid?
    We issue checks at the end of the month. Example: Checks issued on July 31st are from items that sold from June 15th - July 15th. Items have to meet the $15.50 threshold in order to issue a check. Anything under that amount stays in your account as credit.
  • 10. Do you mail checks?
    We do not mail checks. Checks can be picked up at the store.
  • 11. What if I have credit in my account?
    Your credit can be used at any time towards purchases in the store.
  • 12. What do you do with unsold items?
    After the 60/90 day term, the item(s) become Evergreen's property and can be discounted or donated to make room for incoming items.
  • 13. Do you take donations?
    Yes, we will accept donations depending on the items and availability of space in the store.
  • 14. What are your hours?
    The hours change depending on the season. We are typically open during the week, Monday - Saturday from 9-5. We are closed on Sundays.
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