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How you



Getting paid

Consignors are paid for each item that sells, usually a 50/50 split, but sometimes can be a 60/40 split. Your earnings are added to your consignor account.

Checks will be issued on the first of every month for items sold up to the 15th of the previous month, when the account balance reaches $15.50. Balances under $15.50 will remain in your account.  Credit under your consignment account can be used at any time to make a purchase at Evergreen. Checks will be held for consignors to pick up for up to 1 year. Checks unclaimed after 1 year shall become the property of Evergreen Consignment Company Inc.

Checks must be picked up at Evergreen.  We do NOT mail checks.

If the consignor loses their check, the consignor is liable for the stop payment fees from our bank.


There is a 50 cent check printing fee.  


A buyer's fee is added to each item sold and is reflected on the price tag.  This does not affect the consignment split or commission of the consignor.

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